3 steps to jump start your job search in the next 30 days

"Three steps to jump start your job search
in the next 30 days"

By Krishna De, 29/08/2007

By Krishna De, 29/08/2007

Are you one of the 54 percent?

Did you realise that more than half of the people in any organisation at any one time are either actively looking for another job or would seriously considering leaving if the right opportunity presented itself?

Perhaps you didn’t realise that your competition for finding that next great role would be so great?

If the time has come for you to explore new career opportunities, here are four actions you can take in the next thirty days to jump start your job search.

1. Research the current job market

If it has been some time since you were looking for a role either inside your business or in the external job market, it is important to get re-acquainted with the market as it currently stands.

If you are looking for a move within your business, you can do this by talking to key people in the department or function you are interested in moving to or with your line manger or business mentor. This has the added benefit that they will also get to know you are interested in a career move so making a great impression with them as you undertake research about your future career is imperative.

If you are looking for a move outside your business, you can research the market through reading specific trade publications, through on-line research, talking to people in your chosen field or through discussions with recruiters.

2. Create and implement your professional development plan

When was the last time that you invested in learning about your area of expertise that you want to build your career in other than through on-the-job learning? Do not get me wrong, learning skills in your current role and then applying them is not to be undervalued.

However if you really want to position yourself as an expert in your field, it is important to continuously build on your current knowledge and capabilities. This might be through reading current books, articles and attending seminars or conferences.
Capture your professional development plan onto a one page document where you can track the investment you make in your development and also how you put the new skills and knowledge into action.

3. Update your resume or CV

If you have not looked at your CV or resume in the last six months, I can guarantee that it is out of date. Make sure that you take the time to review and update it. This is not a job to be rushed but is worth every minute that you spend on it. Consider it your personal marketing brochure.

Most times in a job search, your CV or resume will be the only thing that is evaluated or considered before a decision is made by a corporate recruiter to meet you or not. You need to ensure that it stands out from the crowd and your personal brand statement demonstrates your unique point of difference.

As a rough estimate, drafting, reviewing and finalising a professional CV or resume will take on average 8 hours of your time. You might consider this excessive, but isn’t it worth investing the equivalent of just one day to ensure that your years of experience and expertise are represented in the most effective way possible?


If you are looking for your next career move make sure that you implement these three steps before you commence an active job search.

Before you explore the external market, don’t forget to share your career aspirations with your current line manager. Remember if you do not tell them what you want to achieve in your career and how you can at the same time help them grow the business you are working on now, the chances are that they will never get to learn this. The grass is not always greener in another business, and the opportunity to expand your career could be just a conversation away.

If you do decide that the time has come to move on to a new role outside of your current organisation, taking the time to undertake the three steps mentioned in this article will ensure that you are in a strong position to jump start your job search through on-line job boards, recruitment agencies and executive recruiters.


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